DAST shall give students from elementary, middle, and high schools from across Delaware (and the immediate surrounding area) the unique chance to showcase their theatrical talents in an annual large-scale professional musical production. DAST is committed to providing year-round community engagement, education, and performance opportunities for our student performers. DAST will operate with a social-cause focus at all times. It will run with a continued effort to provide free theatrical classes for young people throughout Delaware as well as offer in-kind and monetary donations to local, national, and international not-for-profit organizations through its DAST Cares/DAST Gives Back initiatives.


Using the area’s best student talent, DAST brings exceptional theatrical productions to all generations of audiences throughout Delaware.


• We believe in an artistic process that is venturous, collaborative, grounded
in thorough research and one that evolves year after year.

• We believe that our greatest asset to our organization is the people who devote tireless energy to make sure expectations are consistently exceeded.

• We believe that community theatre can be presented in a professional manner using professional goals, training, and people.

• We believe that sharing the creative arts with parents, kids, and teens across Delaware and the region should be free of financial barriers.

• We believe in an environment of trust, generosity, and shared vision enables
risk-taking in the artistic process.

• We believe the artistic process should inform all aspects of the theatre’s
operations including leadership, governance, and administration.

• We believe in diversity across all definitions.

• We believe in DAST.

DAST 2017 - Joseph &
The Amazing Technicolor
DAST 2015 - Monty Python's Spamalot
DAST 2016 - Titanic The Musical
DAST 2013 - Jekyll & Hyde

“Enjoyed the Wednesday matinee. Amazing, magnificent, talented, and so much more. Congratulations to all involved with a super production. The Arts have come alive at the Laird Performing Arts Center. Young and old should see this show.”

- Marcia G., Wilmington, DE

Delaware All-State Theatre believes in being transparent with all of our policies. They are listed below.

If you have any questions about our policies, please feel free to email us at info@DASTonline.org.

Many thanks for your support of our not-for-profit organization.