Audition Eligibility

Delaware All-State Theatre is open to any full-time elementary, middle, high, or home school student up to age 19. Not all DAST productions will have parts for all eligible age-groups.

Audition Process

Delaware All-State Theatre is a juried audition experience. DAST auditions are for students who have experience performing on stage. This program seeks the "best of the best" kids and teens from across the area.

Casting Info

“Delaware All-State Theatre seeks the 'best of the best' student talent from across our area. We cast kids and teens who want to be a part of an exceptional theatrical experience. We cast kids and teens who strive to deliver exceptional characters that are engaging and robust. Finally, we cast kids and teens who understand the value of working hard (without the offstage drama) to present an exceptional theatrical experience for our particpants and patrons alike."

- Jeffrey Santoro

The adjudicators assess of your talent and abilities. They observe, rate, and comment on your auditions as if they were seeing you for the first time. The standards by which your auditions are evaluated are high. 

Auditions for Delaware All-State Theatre are held between February and March. Audition times can be secured by filling out a slot via Signup Genius. The DAST website will list further information when the link is available.

Participants are asked to bring a copy of a recent headshot (8 x 10) as well as resume (8 x 10) to the audition. Participant will also be required to read and sign a photo release form.

Participants will be asked to sing 16 bars from a Broadway production that best demonstrates their vocal abilities. Participants may be asked to sing more if needed. In addition, participants may be asked to cold read from sides (a part of the script) and/or learn a dance combination if the show warrants. The audition lasts approximately 3 to 5 minutes.

The adjudicators use a set of numerical ratings as well as written comments to determine the skillset level of each participant. These ratings are based upon the following:

1. Engagement (how the participant presents themselves during the audition)
2. Experience (does the participant have other shows/performances on their resume)
3. Skill level - acting
4. Skill level - singing
5. Skill level - dancing
6. Attitude (how the participant enters and exits the audition room)
7. Social Media (does the participant have negative or disparaging online posts)
8. Type (does the participant have the right look based on the criteria for the part in the show)

DAST seeks the same qualities that are expected of young actors who work professionally.

The adjudicators assembled often have many years of professional theatrical, film, and television experience.



Remember to:

  • wear clothes that are appropriate and can move in (layers are good)
  • bring dance sneakers or jazz shoes and tap shoes (if required)
  • leave the jewelry at home and mobile phones out of sight
  • wear hair up and out of your face

    Please come to the audition warmed up!







The audition location is:

DAST Studios

301 A Street

Wilmington, DE 19801

Participants should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled timeslot. Participant will be greeted by friendly members of our production team where all paperwork will be collected. Participant will then take a seat until called to the audition room. Participants are reminded that DAST shows are competitive. Enter the audition room with a positive attitude and remember to smile.

Sometimes the audition will require participants to return for a callback audition. This list is posted to the DAST website within two weeks after the final regular audition. The FINAL cast list is posted within two weeks after the callback auditions are complete.

If cast, participant will:

1. Read, sign, and adhere to the DAST Volunteer Policy

2. Read, sign, and adhere to the DAST Participant Agreement

3. Pay a non-refundable Participation fee of $75 (includes script, t-shirt, laynard, backstage badge)

4. Pay a refundable $250 Commitment fee (returned to participant following set strike after the final performance)

If any participant cannot pay the fees associated with participation with DAST, scholarships are available to cover the costs. To apply, simply email info@DASTonline.

Thank you for your interest in Delaware All-State Theatre!

Break a leg!